Community Involvement

Connected City PE

Connected city is an App that allows the user to connect to a wide range of information on Port Elizabeth. Discover all there is to know – from what’s hot & happening, to the best restaurants in town; from emergency contact numbers to our comprehensive local business directory.

Click HERE to read more or HERE to visit the mobile site or download the Android App here

Zakaah System for the Al-Fidaa Foundation

ZAHSA is the first ever online computer software program specifically designed for organisations involved in the distribution of Zakaah or monetary aid to Muslim Recipients. Zahsa integrates the process from the initial visit of the recipient to the storage of thousands of case files all at the click of a button. ZAHSA moves away from the traditional methods of capturing data on paper and systematizing the process of applicants receiving help from organisations in one all-inclusive program which saves money and human resources.

ZAHSA is a body created to serving Zakaah Organisations with a simple unique Zakaah online software application for the benefit of the Almighty. We urge one and all to join in this initiative which will ultimately provide a comprehensive data landscape for Bonafide organisations. This organisation gives out over 100 000 meals a month and their other projects include:

  • Visiting the sick in Hospitals
  • Feeding Schemes
  • Makaatib and Madressas
  • Al-Fidaa Careline
  • Skills Development
  • Shelter and Accomodation

Redhouse Benevolent Society

Redhouse Benevolent Society is a group of women who devote their Thursdays to aiding the poor, destitute, HIV/AIDS and asthma sufferers as well as helping old age pensioners to get grants or hospital/clinic treatment.

They also help feed these people as well as giving them clothing and blankets. Working out of old, windowless containers on a piece of industrial land, these ladies selflessly offer up much of their time to help those in need.

They have been doing this since 1938, most of the volunteers being Redhouse residents. Completely reliant on donations and often having to fork out from their own pockets to fulfil the needs of these unemployable people, they diligently persevere doing all the paperwork necessary. From application forms and letters to doctors, hospitals and clinics to following up to ensure that they receive the necessary aid they so desperately need.

The Code Group developed a website for the Redhouse Benevolent Society in order for them to promote their sponsors and to help gather more publicity, funding and donations.

Port Elizabeth.Net Developers Community Group

The Code Group organises and sponsors this community group. The aim of the Port Elizabeth.Net community is to get Developers in the Eastern Cape involved and keep them informed about the latest happenings in the IT Industry with everything regarding Software Development and more…

This Community Group is usually held on the last Thursday of each month at the Computing Sciences Department of NMMU. This further makes it easy for Computing Sciences students to attend the events and get exposed to real world development techniques and meet others in Industry.