Portfolio: Wow Star

Wow Star

  • Company :Goue Drome Promosies
  • Category :Custom Software Development
  • Description :Competition and Judging Management System

A completely customizable Competition and Judging System that is currently being used in a Singing Competition that has various Categories and Shows across the Country. There is a Portal for the Admin Users, the Judges and it provides the ability for audience members to vote for who they think are the deserving winners.

Admin Portal

  • The Admin Portal is where the Shows and their information are maintained
  • The Show is created then its information is displayed on the associated Web Site
  • Users are able to enter the Show and their entry information is then sent to the Admin Portal
  • Entry Forms are displayed in their particular category that the user selected
  • Incorrect Category entries can be dragged into the correct categories
  • Admin Users are able to select which Judge Users will be judging at the particular Show, this will allow them to be able to log in to the Judging System and access the Show in order to do the judging
  • The Admin User creates the Final Round of the Show with the winners of the various Categories
  • The Audience Vote is included in the calculation of the scoring for the Categories and Final Round
  • Entrance to the Show requires a paid for Ticket, this ticket has a ticket number and this number range of all the tickets sold is inserted into the Admin Portal
  • Only valid ticket votes are taken into account when calculating the categories scores
  • Furthermore, a user can only vote once per Category with their unique ticket number

Judging Portal

  • A Judge User for a particular Show will be able to login and access the Show they are judging
  • They will be given a view of all the Categories and the respective Contestants
  • They will be able to vote according to the various allocations of what points are given for
  • Once the Categories Round is completed then its the Final Round page for the Overall Winners

Mobile Voting Site

  • View information about the Show
  • Ability to Login or Register in order to vote for Contestants
  • View of Shows that are taking place on the particular day
  • Once a Show is selected the Categories are then displayed
  • A Category is selected the logged in user is able to vote for their picks of the top 3 places
  • The user is then thanked for their vote and then can continue voting for when the next category
  • These votes are stored and used in the calculations for the winners of the Show’s Categories

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