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IT Solutions Management System

A Port Elizabeth based IT solutions company offering its clients various services relating to Computer Hardware and ICT services including: sales, support and Networking infrastructure. The company required a flexible solution to the management of clients, quotes, job cards, suppliers, rates and stock backorders and deliveries.

The developed solution provided administration of client details, their contact staff, as well as the ability to make out quotes and job cards to them. Detailed quote creation was included in the system’s capabilities and allowed the registration of multiple stock items and their prices, payment terms and quantities. The job card creation functionality allows users to register any work done for clients, record the invoicing terms and provide the option of linking them to quotes if necessary. Both quotes and job cards are registered to clients within the system and can be emailed and printed with the touch of a button. Ordered items from quotes that are out of stock get added to the stock management function automatically from where they can be managed, tracked and updated upon delivery. All these functions are offered from a centralised platform with multiple drill down enabled reports and an extensive dashboard that gives insight into the company’s operations and performance.

The application’s main functionalities include:

  • Administration and management of clients and their relating contacts
  • Creation, tracking and updating of job cards and their related activities
  • Recording, emailing, printing and management of quotes
  • Record keeping of stock orders and deliveries
  • Comprehensive tracking of company activities via customisable dashboard
  • In depth reporting on sales and technical staff activity
  • Registration and management of system users and their security restrictions

Project Details

  • Company Type:
  • IT Solutions
  • Keywords:
  • Quotes, Job Cards, Stock Management and Reporting
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