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Logistics / Transportation Quotation and Rate Adjustment System

This system was created for a logistics company and permits the registration and maintaining of company clients and all the information relating to them. For each client there is the ability to define the transportation routes that are required and calculate the rate for each route. The system allows quotes to be created for each route which are then emailed to clients’ designated contact persons. Rates are automatically adjusted to accommodate changing fuel prices and communicated with logistics client. Bulk rate adjustments are able to be sent with the click of a button.

The administration side of the system provides the functionality of maintaining the administration users within the system and their system access levels. The application also provides the ability to define the various destinations and record the fuel price changes for each month.

Project Details

  • Company Type:
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Keywords:
  • Client, Quotation and Rate Management
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    Recurring Billing Management
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