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Warehouse Management System

The Warehouse Management System is a web based administration application allowing the registration and management of a company’s assets, inventory, consumables, their life span and maintenance required as well as the location within the warehouse of these items. Comprehensive detail registration is provided for these warehouse items as well as the ability to register them to specific types and categories which can also be configured. Suppliers of stock and assets can be registered, maintained and linked to the relevant supplied items for comprehensive record keeping.

To assist with scheduling, the system enables users to book assets in advance to ensure an organised availability of them. Users will also be kept up to date on the location of all warehouse items through registration of their location within the warehouse and the ability to formally record transfers and removals. In addition to these functions the application also provides full maintenance of users and their permissions as well as a dashboard providing insight into the status of assets and stock items.

The application’s main functionalities include:

  • Comprehensive registration of assets, stock and consumables
  • Tracking of asset life span and maintenance required
  • Linking of items to maintainable suppliers
  • Asset booking facility
  • Recording of asset and stock locations as well as transfers
  • System user permission control and reporting dashboard

Project Details

  • Company Type:
  • General Tradiing
  • Keywords:
  • Asset, Inventory and Consumables Management
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