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    We set new standards for business solutions
    through our unique, out of the box solutions to
    complex clients’ needs and constant adoption
    of new technologies and techniques.

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    We provide our clients with our full support,
    from the start of an idea to its
    conceptualisation and creation up to after
    release support and maintenance.

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    Bill Again - Slider
    Bill Again - Slider
    Bill Again - Slider
    Responsive Website and Application Design
    Mobile Friendly
    Resizes to Fit Each Screen

    Don’t fall behind on your competitor, contact us
    now for a fully customized responsive Website or Application that
    your clients can view from the comfort of
    their mobile phones, tablets, and PC’s.

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    Administration Management
    Administration Management
    Administration Management
    Our Specialities are
    Management Systems

    Business Administration Systems
    Web based Administration Systems
    Automation of Day to Day Tasks
    Systems that pay for themselves

  • Software Services
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    but are not limited to:
    Our capabilities include

    - Cloud Computing using Windows Azure
    - Payment Gateway Integration
    - Native Mobile Development
    - Customised Online Stores

Software Solutions

The Code Group uses the latest technology to bring you cutting edge and innovative software solutions, providing you with an end to end system that can facilitate all your processes.

Bespoke Development

Here at The Code Group, we can provide you with a completely custom system that is tailored to meet your exact needs. We specialize in custom business administration and management systems.

Mobile Development

With the large amount of people using smartphones and mobile devices we can offer you a custom built Android or iPhone application specifically to target these devices.

  • Bill Again
    Recurring Billing Management
  • Training Sorted
    Training Management System
  • Connected City
    Mobile App
  • BWA Census
    Census Administration App
  • Fembryo
    Clinic Management System
  • Prop Expert
    Property Management System
  • Touch Tutor
    e-Learning Platform
  • Race Control
    Timing and Event Management
  • Wow Star
    Competition Judging System

Some Of Our Clients

Let us help your business reach it's full potential.

Contact us now to find out more about our custom built business solutions.