Do you operate in the Financial Services Sector?

Do you operate in a sector that, by law, you need to know in detail who your client is from a risk management and compliance point of view?

Verify the identity of your clients and assess the potential risks that they pose to your organisation.

The KYC tool is designed to perform the required compliance checks against clients, and their personal information. The system's aim is to collect information and manage FICA documents of the Client's Customers.

  The Challenge

The client requires a system to assist them in achieving efficient method of checking compliance of FICA documents. This would need to be able to provide reporting and visualization functionality to give accurate and effective results on progress, compliance and completion.

  The Solution

A web application which can be managed by administrative users to ensure compliance is achieved. The application will provide a client entry point into the system to allow them to manage their customers and their FICA documents.

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