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Assist and facilitate repayments to people that have been defrauded

Repayment Administration

A Portal for those that have been defrauded to register with a full administration backend, from Project Management, Verifications, Quality Assurance sampling, Reporting and a Support Portal.
RAWA (Repayment Administration Web Application) is a highly accessible platform from which investors in a nationwide Ponzi scheme can prove their losses and receive money owed to them. The application was developed in response to orders from the South African Reserve Bank to repay monies lost by investors through the scheme entitled “Defencex”. With over R850 million worth of deposits from 171 000 investors, an accurate and safe method was needed in order to identify and pay out legitimate investors who lost money. This allows a fair, organised way of processing claims in a consistent manner. Main functionalities include:
  • • Registration of user profiles linked to scheme accounts
  • • Submission of claims and proof
  • • Verification of user claims based on comparisons to retrieved data
  • • Consistent checking of accuracy and legitimacy
  • • Mobile accessibility
  • • Secure environment

  The Challenge

The South African Reserve Bank needed a effective way of facilitating the repayment of R850 000 000 to hundreds of thousands of people spread across South Africa.

  The Solution

We have created South Africa's first and most successful Repayment Administration Web Application, by facilitating the repayment of over R850 million Rand to close to 200 000 people.

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