Do you have a need for an Android based Learning Platform?

With the number of mobile devices growing exponentially, do you have the need to provide your content to Learners offline on a device that they can keep with them at all times?

Android Learning Platform

Touch Tutor is an e-learning platform developed for the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. The solution facilitates learning of university courses through tablet devices and the administration thereof. It consists of a tablet based application from which learners can access course resources and take tests. The web based administration portal, form which facilitators can set up these courses, create tests and track student activity.

  The Challenge

Rural schools do not always have access to teachers or often the required teaching materials and support. A cost effective way to facilitate their teaching was needed and provide these scholars with what they needed most - a good education

  The Solution

We have developed an e-learning platform that is completely expandable to deliver any content (Video, documents and Presentations etc.) to Learners along with facilitating tests. This platform is completely dynamic and with only a few clicks can be customised to meet the required needs.

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