Training Sorted allows the management of all aspect relating to the training of employees through Skills Programs. From the registration of students, presenters and resources up to the grading of learner results; Training Sorted provides all this functionality through an easy to use, highly visual and responsive interface. The basis of the application stems from the registration of Learners and Teachers, Skill Programs, as well as locations and resources to be used for these skills programs. These registrations are then used to schedule skills programs and how and when they will interact with each other.

  The Challenge

Many organisation feel that training administration is a massive headache to manage and administor. Often leading to Students being trained by individuals whose certification has expired, along with Students certification expiry without anyone's knowledge. This leads to increase training costs and unnecessary time away from work.

  The Solution

Training Sorted automates all the administrative activities relating to the provision of training. Training Sorted performs all administration related activities, allowing the people involved to focus on the actual training. To top it off the application provides a dashboard containing visual indicators of skill programs’ progress, scheduling calendars as well as tasks to be completed and their progress. This is combined with a detailed record of all staff such as facilitators, assessors, moderators, and coordinators’.

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